Events and projects overview:

ESHA 2016 biennial conference in Maastricht, The Netherlands
Please find below the PowerPoint Presentations of the conference
Zachary Walker

Michael Fullan

Joanne Robinson International School Leadership

Frank Cörvers

René Kneyber - Flip the System


Yvonne Kleefkens - Kahnacademy

Mika Risku - Entrepreneurial Competences for School Leader Teams

Monica Neomagus - Schools and parents

Ton Duif & Bob van de Ven - Anglo Saxon Model

Roald Pool - Yoeri Sijl - Freedom Accountability

Huub Friederichs - Preventing Early School Leaving

Regional Events:
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2015: The ESHA General Assembly in Montenegro
Below, you will find the presentations of the GA meeting in Montenegro.

2014: The ESHA Biennial Conference in Dubrovnik

Below, you will find some of the most interesting presentations of the ESHA Biennial Conference in Dubrovnik:
Keynote Bringing Leadership Together by Ton Duif, President ESHA
School Leadership and Global Educational Reform Movement by Pasi Sahlberg, PhD, Finland
School Leadership and 21st Century Skills by Toomas Kruusimagi, Estonia
Beste Practices for School Leaders by Clive Byrne, Ireland
Teaching for Powerful Learning by Guy Claxton, England
Connecting Leadership in Pre School Education by Barbara Novinek, Slovenia
Distributing Leadership without Losing Power by Meng Tian, China
Leading the Dynamics by Margareth de Wit, Nederland
Internationalisation / Globalisation and the role of the School Leader by Huub Friederichs, Nederland
The role of the principal in motivating the staff by Biserka Matic Rosko, Croatia
Leadership and Planning for e-Mature schools by Gordana Jugo, Croatia
Roles of the Different Forms of Assessments in Schools by Boris Jokic, Croatia
Staff Evaluation - An Onerous Chore or an Organisational Magnet by John Moncure, US
Systematic Quality Management and other Methods by Jukka O Mattila, Finland

Leading the Learning Powered School by Guy Claxton, England
Improving School Leadership through inclusive participations by Professor Vedrana Spajic Vrkas, Croatia
Leadership in Smart Specialization by Professor Pero Lucin, Croatia
Overcoming Resistance to Change, results of the Iguana Project by Fred Verboon, Nederland
Connecting Entrepreneurial School Leaders by Fred Verboon, Nederland
Getting Acquainted with the European Policy Network on School Leadership by Huub Friederichs, Nederland

Bringing School Leadership Together by Toby Salt, England

2012: The GA meeting in Ljubljana
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2011: The GA meeting in Amsterdam.
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2010: The Bi-annual conference in Cyprus

2008: The Bi-annual conference in Copenhagen

2006: The Bi-annual conference in Rome