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This section of the ESHA site is dedicated to technology and how technology can help you teach the internet generation. In this section, you will find mobile projects, collaboration assignments and even best practices.

Please watch these inspiring videos
external image mqdefault.jpgSingapore's 21st century secondary school
external image 172559_74x56.jpgKen Robinson talks about Education and Technology

Reports on ICT in the class room

The Eurydice report on Key Data on Learning and Innovation through ICT at School in Europe 2011

Technasium is a great initiative of a number of schools in the Netherlands.
Their web site is site

Great resources
external image 7108851443_03c306e28a_m.jpgICT in Education provides school leaders with ICT high quality articles

WEB 2.0 / Social media in the Classroom

We live in an age where information is at one's fingertips. Knowledge is everywhere, Our children will be judged on their ability to think, analyse, create and share. Let us help them succeed.

Before reading any further, please watch this video:
external image mqdefault.jpgVideo about social media and our children.

An article on using Twitter in secondary education. By Bill Ferriter

An article on clas room collaboration using Wikispaces. By Fred Verboon

Web 2.0 can make learning interactive, engaging and personalized

external image f80e92f5343611c599a9708880fdc991?d=identicon&s=20Web 2.0 learning community a community for teachers interested in integrating Web 2.0 in classes

external image gjc.pngStudents helping teachers with Web 2.0. Do you find WEB2.0 somewhat challenging. Let the web generation help you understanding and using the web in your classes.

external image acquia_marina_logo.pngThe web20 project The Web 2.0ERC project is designed to help educators who find ICT confusing to have a simple and secure environment to use ICT in their work and in their classes.

Web 2.0 gurus This Website gives an overview what Web 2.0 tools can be used in classes. There are only short explanations, but a long list of tools.
external image class20livelogo.jpg?width=200Classroom 2.0 is an online network for those interested in Web 2.0 and Social Media in education.

external image logo.pngWe are teachers.com share ideas for innovaive teaching through Web 2.0.
Interactive white boards

Mobile devices

Flipping class rooms
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