The Quality for Innovation project (Q4I) offers valuable assets to increase the commitment of teachers and community members. The site of the Q4I project is located at: http://q4i-schools.eu/ The Q4I project combines quality assurance with innovation. The innovation of the model stands in the fact that it tackles at the same time all the needed areas where change is needed and all the processes that must be affected by change. This differentiates Q4I from many existing approaches, which focus on a single dimension of school without being able to have an impact at the level of the organisation.

Figure 1 clearly shows the dependency of the actual innovation processes with strategy development, leadership and community involvement.
Q4I schema 2.jpg
Based upon the feedback of the pilot schools, the Q4I project members conclude that:
- there is a strong dependency between the readines phases (actions 1 to 3) and the actual innovation processes itself.

How can you ensure that your school is ready to innovate? The Q4I project members have set up these easy steps:
1: Read these valuable documents at this page
2: Asses your school by using the Q4I readiness questionnaire
3: Plan your activities using the innovations guide
4: Communicate with other members of the Q4I network and share your experiences: