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School heads are instrumental in increasing the quality of education. How do we measure quality? In primary education the level of competence in basic skills like reading, writing and maths is often considered the measurement of success. ESHA believes that these basic skills are important, however, confidence, self exploration and entrepreneurial skills are equally important.

Please watch these inspiring videos
external image 221_74x56.jpgKen Robinson says schools kill creativity
external image 178132_74x56.jpgCameron Herold: lets raise kids to be entrepreneurs

The future of Pisa
Article 'how Pisa is changing' by Tormod Smedstad

Article: The tower of Pisa is badly leaning by Pasi Sahlberg and Andy Hargreaves

Article: Changes to Pisa by Greg Dempster

Country reports on the quality of education

Finnish General Education

Finnish small secondary schools: problems and solutions

Finnish approach to quality management in small secondary schools

UK inquiry into primairy education including over 4000 sources

An impressium of the educational system in Cyprus

Ireland's Mental Health Coalition

Norway: Digital bullying is on the rise

Scotland: Introduction of a new curriculum

Ireland invest in education to underpin Economic recovery

Introduction of the Ukraine School Heads Association

The Netherlands: how to deal with low performaing schools

European reports on the quality of education

Eurydice report: The structure of european education systems

Eurydice report: Developments in European education systems

ESHA representatives of several European countries discuss autonomy and quality of education

Introduction to European Education Policy

General reports on Quality in Education

How entrepreneurship is addressed in Europe

external image on entrepreneurship in education

Instructional leadership is the way forward

Jukka Kuittinen discusses the value of tardition, culture and values

David Puttnam's Educating for the digital society

The effect of merit pay for teachers

Educating students for a good life
Performance evaluation for teachersPrincipals must take the lead in preventing bullying
OECD report on building high quality teaching profession

Projects and best practices

ESHA is a proud partner in the LLWings and Fly Higher projects.
Please read about these projects at our EC programs page

ESHA Position papers

ESHA quality of school position paper

ESHA educational inclusion position paper

ESHA professional development position paper

ESHA LifeLong Learning position paper

ESHA learners with special needs position paper

ESHA basic skills position paper

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