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Effective strategies to combat bullying in schools
Current research and common sense tell us that schools need to be places that are physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe for students to learn to their fullest potential. Given these criteria, one would surmise that preventing bullying would be paramount on any principal’s list of priorities. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

An introduction to the most common themes

James Dillon describes why every educator must prevent bullying in No place for bullying

Best practices to combat bullying:
- The United Kingdom takes the lead with regards to preventing and reducing bullying. The country's leading initiative Childnet describes how to deal with bullying.
- Dorothy Espelage of the University of Illinois, describes how she achieves a reduction in bullying.

- The Sedrin project cares for Roma children in Italy

- Omar Mekki from Norway deals with brats

- The mental health approach at Framwellgate School in Durham

Study of Mental Health and Schools-Me​ntal Health screening of children in schools -
The below files include an overview of available literature for some of the most interesting subjects in school interventions. The literature can be used for study purposes.

School intervention for addiction:

School intervention focused on imporovement of learning and academic skills or focused on social integration in the classroom of children with psychiatric diagnosis:

Interventions on general well-being in schools: