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In European schools there is a multitude of excellent and exceptional educational practices worth sharing. The ESHA best practices portal enables schools to share their best practice with other schools around Europe. Please read the following guidelines if you would like to share your best practice.

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In this best practice, Alison Peacock describes the 7 habits of highly effectice school heads

Fred Verboon describes the global citizenship initiatives by Oxfam

The mental health approach at Framwellgate School in Durham

Newcastle University, together with a number of organisations, are developing an entrepreneurial course for school leadership teams. This course will be distributed for free at:

Extra curricular best practices from Finland

Educating refugee children by AVS

Together we own distributed leadership

Grief in Children, coping with death, by Atle Dyregrov, Center for Crisis Psychology

Best practice of inclusion and recovery in an Italian School

Omar Mekki from Norway deals with brats

The United States
Dorothy L. Espelage of the University of Illinois, describes how she achieves a reduction in bullying.