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Leading a school is not an easy task. Our world is changing repaidly and schools need to change accordingly. Effective leaders build effective and innovative schools. They motivate teachers, enthuse students and involve local communities. This section is meant to act as a source for every school head that is interested in professional development.

Please watch this inspiring video
external image mqdefault.jpgInspiring video of what makes a 21st century school leader

external image 14194_74x56.jpgInspring video of leadership by Patrick Awuah

Distributed Leadership

Please read the adopted version of ESHA's Position Paper on Distributed Leadership:

In 2013, ESHA and ETUCE (The European Teacher Association) studied distributive leadership in Europe.
The files summarize their findings:

Best practice:
Together we own distributed leadership

Entrepreneurial Competences
The Entrepreneurial Competences for School Leadership Teams project develops a free course sfor school leaders to acquire entrepreneurial compertences. The project's site is: http://www.ec4slt.com/

General reports on school leadership

McKinsey report on how the world’s top school systems are building leadership capacity for the future

English report on principal value-added to student achievement

Stanford University research on "Developing Successful Principals"

Professor John West-Burnham researches the relationship between education, educational leadership and democratic societies

Short article about "ten basic skills of outstanding leadership"

Article on the intellifent use of data in schools

Emotional Intelligence
Kevin Jones describes emotional intelligence

Reports on school leadership with country specific infromation

Report on the development of the political and administrative framework of schools in European countries.

OECD report on school leadership and autonomy

Comprehensive list of school Leadership authors

Central European project on improvement of school leadership

The role of school leadership in the improvement opf learning in Central European countries

external image reviews-of-national-policies-for-education-improving-lower-secondary-schools-in-norway-2011_9789264114579-en.jpgReport on improving Lower Secondary Schools in Norway

US based research on "improving teaching and learning by improving school leadership"

A report on the evaluation of the new National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) in the UK.

Danish view on the attractiveness of school leadership

A major review of teacher and leadership development in Scotland - Teaching Scotland's Future

Best practices:

Dutch based CPE launch initiative to create High Performing Schools

ASCL (the Association of School and College Leaders in the United Kingdom) initiates a project in Ghana
In this best practice from England, Alison Peacock describes the 7 habits of highly effectice school heads

ESHA position papers

ESHA distributive leadership position paper.

ESHA early school leavers position paper

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